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How is life ?

Looking to  Improve your capabilities  ? Here is the help !!!

I am presenting  top 5 books that will help you to improve your all round capabilities .

If you are an avid reader then these books are banquet for you, Without wasting too much time let’s check out  these  books.

List Of Top 5 Self Development Books.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People : By Stephen R Covey –  Read Now
  2. You can win : By Shiv Khera – Read Now
  3. Goals : By Brian Tracy – Read Now
  4. Think Like Jim Rohn – Read Now
  5. See you at the top : By Zig Zigler – Read Now

1 .The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People : By Stephen R Covey 

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Habits – all of us have. They are a mix of good habits, not so good habits  and  bad habits. Many times they are holding back our progress in life.

The author talks about a principle centred approach to developing good  habits – which will definitely lead us to success.

It can take time to develop habits his way – but once developed will convince you of the high quality improvements taking place in yourself. Buy it and read it !!!

2. You can win – By Shiv Khera

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 Success does not mean absence of problems. It simply means overcoming problems and bouncing back with positive attitude. In this book Shiv Khera offers you step by step  receipe for success – finding principles which if followed in right proportions  will lead you to success.

He suggests the reader to use it as a workbook – understanding concepts of each chapter. In this attempt he further suggests reader to use highlighter and also to make marginal notes in the book.

This book is full of short relevant stories to amplify the concepts.

Shiv Khera is Founder of Qualified Learning Systems Inc USA. He is also a motivational speaker who has guided number of Fortune 500 Companies. Let us buy it.

3. Goals : By Brian Tracy.

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Do you have goals or dreams ?  Why are some able to achieve great success and others just keep dreaming ? Brian Tracy gives a step by Step process of deciding on goals in each area of your life – Income, Family, Health, Relations and so on. Then he tells you methods of achieving your goals in a systematic manner.

Brian Tracy has helped millions of people in deciding and achieving their goals across the globe. This book will definitely  help you to succeed.

4. Think Like Jim Rohn : By Ivan Fernandes

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Jim Rohn was a Legend who rose from Rags to Riches in last Century and then taught the masses his methologies of success.  He is also considered as pioneer of Motivational Speaking. Has mentored the #1 life and business strategist, Tony Robbins… Amazing, right?

His life and Business Lessons can  have profound impact on your life, health and wealth. Already millions have been benefitted. Why not you ?

5  See you at the Top : BY Zig Zigler .

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If you help people get what they want, they will give you what you want. This is the simple theory Zigler develops in this book. He also helps you with the process of setting and achieving goals in your life.

He also stresses on importance of personal values like integrity, honesty, strength of personal character which go to bulid your brand and help you to succeed in personal and business life. Go for it !!!

To Sum up :

These  5 books highlight  important facets of  know how for self development in  day to day functioning.

Your comments will definitely help us in better service hereafter.

Hope this review guide helps you  in selecting good reading material for self development.

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