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What is Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching Executive Coaching is primarily concerned with designing and facilitating change and continuous improvement. It involves understanding and leveraging an individual’s strength, as well as recognising and overcoming his or her weaknesses.

Organizations identify successful managers for coaching so that they become more competent in their current role, get them proactively prepared for the next role and when warranted, help them through the transitions in their responsibilities.

Organizations seek external coaches for expertise, credibility and confidentiality

Basic Features of executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is time bound, non-prescriptive, result focussed with measurable outcomes.

It is typically a series of one-on-one interactions designed to meet the individual needs of the coachee, but generally focuses on personal awareness and targeted skills to improve work performance.

It is a process to provide executives with valid information enabling them to make well informed choices.

It recognises that no two executives are alike and that each person has a unique knowledge base, learning pace and personality style.

It is a consultative relationship-based service provided by the coaches who serve as sounding boards.

It is about moving the executive towards increased versatility and effectiveness.

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