All our work is” CLIENT “ oriented. While at work , all our staff has “CLIENT” fixed like North Pole in their minds.
We take pains to screen candidates from all Client Angles. This includes among others, salary budget of the Client.

In our thinking and in our work, we are guided by following quote :

“ I am constantly monitoring what we do and I am always looking for better ways to provide our services ; ways that would make me happy if I were a Client”

by Charles R Schwab

It is quite different from other Recruitment/Placement Agencies in a number of ways such as:-
a) We have access to a number of specialists who assist in selecting the candidates based on the attributes/skill sets desired by our client/s.
b) We have developed a database of personnel who are excellent in their fields and are willing to change if right job prospects are offered.
C) MDK Placement is your business partner. We are determined to assist your business to grow, profit and become the market leader. Our approach to executive search is based on this belief and is the primary factor in our success. We hold the strategic key to your company’s success. Finding the right candidate is just a start of our partnership with you.

We do not entertain Job Hoppers.

We do not entertain candidates with very rigid / difficult work attitudes.