Supplier Search & Development

Need for local Supplier Development Support

It is quite a challenge to identify the RIGHT suppliers for your specific needs of the project,to assess their actual capabilities & to match them with your project specifications. You face a bigger challenge in managing the part development phase from your location thousands of miles away. Communication challenge can add to the complications. You need experts who know the local supplier base, can visit at short notice for supplier audit & evaluation as well as manage the part development programme locally through adequate hand holding with the supplier.

Benefits of hiring Us for Supplier Search & Development Support

Our team members have a vast experience in Sourcing, Supplier Development & Supply Chain management at reputed Automotive companies for over 20 years. They are also deeply familiar with the Automotive supplier base in India and the specific strengths& limitations of particular suppliers.

Our Key Deliverables

We provide the best Supplier search & Development strategy for your business growth

Supplier Identification

• Supplier Database

• Wide network

• On site Audit & Assessment

Component Development

• Time Management

• Part Quality Management

• On Site visits for samples & PPAP inspection

Series Supply Management

• Logistics coordination

• Forecast & capacity tracking